Never despise! LED new how to market?

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In the moment of product and information surplus, how to do a good job marketing and promotion of new products? Only "moving people", it may be a hit. Enterprises need to locate, differentiate and so on several dimensions to start making explosive products.
New products, that is, in order to meet the consumer "potential demand" products, give consumers a new experience, so the new product should be defined as "new experience." Now that it is an experience, the company needs to study the potential needs of consumers before developing new products.
Clear market positioning to meet the needs of the target customer base
Any enterprise in the introduction of new products, should effectively investigate the needs of specific target customers, to their needs as the guide, developed to meet their needs of the product. Then the new product in the market research and development process, companies must be able to clearly understand and answer the following questions:
1, industry status quo. Specifically, it covers the development stage of the industry, the industry policy is good and insufficient, the industry status quo, the whole industry competition pattern, and assess the future development prospects of the industry and the next 3-5 years may encounter marketing opportunities and problems.
2, the market competition situation. "Know ourselves to know each other," the starting point is the point of competition research, therefore, we must be involved in the market to do a holistic study. In the holistic research, and then targeted to the industry benchmarking enterprises and the current status of their own marketing similar to several competitive products or brands.
3, consumer research. The consumer market has what kind of changes, which is beneficial, which is difficult, consumers in the specific purchase decision when they are thinking? Must be more than the next market, listen to consumer voice, and dealer agents, etc. Master the latest consumer dynamics.
4, to answer "Who is we" problem, both to locate your identity, but also in the definition of your position in the market competition, more importantly, determines your market competition strategy.
Product design and concept packaging differentiation
To successfully promote new products, we must first increase the brand's own extension and expansion of the force, so that the brand can effectively drive the extension of product sales, which requires the brand with a distinctive core value, the core value of a variety of extended products Tolerance, the brand into a high profile, high prestige of the big brands. Do this to make the success of the promotion of new products have a good foundation.
1, the brand core value continues to new products
Large enterprises will continue to brand the core value of new products, design than the product design is more important is the unified image of the store. This is why into the building materials market, we can easily see some very eye-catching store design: white on the green mine NVC lighting, blue and white white on the white and the white light of the three white Aurora and so on.
In product design, the most important thing is to take the differentiation strategy, product and concept of innovation, not a positive conflict with the opponent, to create a new cake is easy to succeed. Such as the beginning of the main ambulance home lighting, ceiling is its core product line, if Op to launch a new ceiling, only need to enrich the different styles of product line. Today, Op lighting has formed a Western-style retro, the new Asian fashion, modern decoration, simple fashion and several other styles of ceiling lamps.
2, unique personalized new product shape design
For small and medium enterprises, how to achieve "differentiated", so that your products are different, so that consumers remember and identify? For consumers, there is no fact that only knowledge. The "cognitive differentiation" is from the competing products starting, based on consumer research to think about marketing, product planning and concept packaging to do the segment, unique.
For the lighting industry has not yet very strong brand, to successfully launch new products, innovative design, eye-catching, high terminal appearance, visual impact of the shape of its new products is an important principle of successful listing.
In the "eyeball economy" era, a unique product shape is an important means to attract consumers eye. In 2012, when the rapid development of the LED industry, the history of Ford lighting first introduced the magnolia lamp, the use of "magnolia wax tail" unique shape, and the formation of Magnolia, Pearl Magnolia, Jin Yulan and other magnolia family. Magnolia lamp because of the characteristics of the lamp body design, it is in a lot of LED general lighting products come to the fore, once launched by the market sought after.


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