Optional LED car headlamps, in the end why so expensive?

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Why some lights particularly good-looking, some lights particularly ugly? I heard that there are lights to send the car, which is for what?
Like those who look at the ugly car, the general use of halogen headlamps, also known as "candle light", just like a home before the incandescent bulb, but it is filled with halogen elements, used to extend the life. A long time, the shade will be yellow. Because the ability to penetrate, so there are cars in use, which is the owner of the halogen light to comfort their best reason, in fact, because it is cheap.
And then there are some looks pretty good mid-range car, lights open shining, thorny eyes can not open, like this, with all the xenon lights, the principle is filled in the quartz lamp inside the high pressure inert gas, and then pass On the twenty thousand volts of high voltage, the light emitted more than brighter brighter, according to the farther, and longer life, more power.
Xenon lamp sounds perfect is right, there are more powerful, LED car headlamps, mainly used in high-end cars, it sounds very tall, in fact, light-emitting diodes, it is more bright than the xenon lamp, longer life , The vehicle scrapped it is still good, and small size, high color, can be made by the designer of a variety of different shapes. Of course, the price is the most expensive.
Where is the LED headlight where? The cost we do not know, maybe the black heart manufacturers in order to make money. Xiaobian access to multi-information, to tell you that it is expensive for a reason.
LED headlamps, you want to send so bright light, the power will be particularly large, with the old-fashioned radio on the red or green light or different, high-power LED first lamp bead cost is high. And then the most important thing is that it is the heat problem, LED is also converted into light energy, but the conversion rate of less than 30%, of which 70% will become heat, if not timely, the light will be burned in minutes Out, if the heat is not complete, it will cause junction temperature, will accelerate the LED light failure, life is not long.
LED heat dissipation related to the substrate, the packaging of glue, and the radiator, the best thermal substrate is the ceramic substrate, as we Stern is specialized to do this, the ceramic substrate because of their material reasons, so the cost will be higher than other substrates , But the cooling effect is a few times the ordinary metal substrate. Packaging glue, then also use a special thermal plastic, there is a radiator, ceramic substrates are equipped with ceramic radiator, the whole cost naturally high. Do not ask why I do not have anything else, to ensure that the lights will not take a few days will be bad.
Now many owners are buying their own LED lights, but must be sure that must be used ceramic substrate, and now there are some poor manufacturers with other materials, the substrate glue to do the lights, LED industry prices are now highly competitive, if found to have cheap Of the LED car headlamps, then be sure to be careful.
Now a lot of high-end cars have been using matrix LED headlamps, intelligent lighting control. There is like a "light factory" Audi this, has begun to try LED laser headlamps. But no matter what LED lights, heat is always around the past is not a homeless, as Sally Tong ceramic circuit board practitioners, want to sincerely tell you: buy LED lights, must choose ceramic substrate.



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