Breakdown of LED lighting in the hidden "killer"

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LED lighting in today's diversified background, intelligent lighting, plant lighting, automotive lighting and other fields are varying degrees of development. At the same time, the hidden danger of lighting is also slowly for people's attention, today Xiaobian to bring you under the lighting under the "invisible killer":
Light Radiation
The main problems are retinal blue light hazards, near-UV hazards and retinal thermal hazards. Other hazards include: keratitis and conjunctivitis, cataract, retinal burns, retinal blue light damage, skin tanning, UV erythema, skin aging, skin cancer.
02 Blu-ray
Blu-ray hazard refers to the light source of 400-500 nm blue band if the brightness is too high, the eyes for a long time after the light source may cause photochemical damage of the retina. The severity of the blue light depends on the amount of blue light that the human eye accumulates in the light.
03 glare
Glare is in the field of view due to the distribution of brightness or range is not appropriate, or in space or time there is extreme brightness contrast, and even cause discomfort and reduce the visibility of the object visual conditions, the current glare is to assess the quality of lighting the most important factor one.
04 strobe
Some lighting lights are difficult to detect the subject of the strobe problem, will have a stimulating effect on the human visual system, seriously affecting the health of vision, especially in children with vision development. And people long-term work in the flashing light or life, but also affect the visual system of physical health and mental health, to our work and life has brought serious harm. May cause brain cell damage, induced migraine.
Lighting health is not a simple technical problem, but the need for consumers, R & D personnel, manufacturers, research institutions, the government is committed to a human engineering.
Because of the lighting of human health there are so many effects, the current health lighting has become the global lighting industry attention. LED counterparts should also maintain a sustained concern, digging behind the huge business opportunities!


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